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Friday, April 22, 2011 @ 11:23 PM

BAOW 2011 was AWESOME! It was from this monday to wednesday and i feel that all of us have not had enough! It was really a different and unforgettable experience at orientation as a sc, throughout the preparation period and the actual days itself. I made many new friends, including year ones, twos and threes... Really awesome people and our group, TECKTONIK, is simply the BEST.

Love the freshies in my group, TECK 6! They're really cute and enthu, especially the guys! Glad that they had more and more fun and grew more enthusiastic over the days. Love teaching them the dances like the Cheng Yao dance and the Mass Dirty Bit Dance. Had lotsa fun spamming when practicing and just dancing all out! I'm not really a born dancMer type and can't feel style.. But i love it when someone teaches my the steps and i just try! :D

Miss just waking up early these 3 days, staying in school till late at night to practice for performance with freshies, cheering and shouting our lungs out throughout the orientation, wearing my green extensions and simply going all TECKTONIK LIME GREEN~!

Feel really glad that we got the GROOVE KING for BAOW 2011! So funny when we were all cheering for the other groups when the other random positions like best cheer and stuff! Hahahaha. Love it when we all jumped and cheered for joy when we were announced as the top for baow 2011 as groove king ^.^

The only bad thing i would say is that i really hope that school started a week later D: Missed the first 3 days of school, which was definitely worth it but kinda feel like school didn't start right D: And have a 2000 to 3000 word report for cruise up by coming monday. Currently staying over at yonghan's house. Haha. Right now monopoly dealing, must do some report, den hopefuly watch some movie :D
Fruitful Week/Holiday
Sunday, April 17, 2011 @ 7:57 PM

Had a really fruitful "last week of holidays"! IDARE afterglow was on monday, where i had lotsa fun and went home late~ Spent tuesday sleeping in and slacking at home, playing computer games, surfing the net and stuff. I was at NSRCC Changi from Wednesday to Friday morning! Tecktonik Chalet OHYEA~

The chalet was more fun than i expected, especially the games and the dancing we had. Day one was playing games around the chalet area with different stations, including flour, pearl like sagos and lots of water. Steamboat and home made pasta for dinner! Yumm yummmm! We also had a blindfolding session where we are yupp, blindfolded, moved around and talked to different people supposedly without revealing our names.

On day two, there was the amazing race, where we had to go to ikea, have lunch with delicious chicken wings and take exact photos of things printed out and passed to us. "blue and yellow blue and yellow meatballs!" After that, we went to Tampiness Mall, where we had to practice our mass dance steps and dance amongst the crowd between the mrt station and the shopping station. It was fun and a good way for everyone to master the dance steps! After that, we had some station games back at the chalet which includes blindfolds and shaving cream! BBQ session in the night and couple catwalk where we were all couple dressed~ Hahahah. We also had a sharing session where we talked to each other about what we feel about baow, within a sparkle's light span. The most fun part to me was after that though! When those we aren't staying over left and some of us had a sudden craze about dancing and we spam practice and tried to master the different dance's dance steps. Had even more fun learning other group's dance which includes mambo and crank it up! Hahahaha. Damn fun.. Danced to like four plus am man! And slept for around 2 hours, waking up here and there...We chiong to TPmall for mac breakfast at 10plus! Hehe.

Didn't sleep after getting home coz i felt more awake after bathing.. Watched a movie online and went out to Far East Plaza in the evening with girlfriends to get dinner, green clip on extensions and green hairbands for my sub group!

Satarday... Went to a chinese physician to tui my knee! It was a on the way thing coz my sis sprained her right ankle for the fourth time (omg) and i had to bring her to tui her ankle... I sprained my knee like 2 weeks ago? But had to time to go tui and it was getting better, but not fully healed. So tui in the end, got it wrapped and had some medicine. Hope that it will fully heal soon so that i can start be worry free and get a grip on climbing! Meetup with my secondary school best friends for dinner! Sughan aka susie didn't turn up coz he thought its Sunday and he ended up going Malaysia. Must meet soon man. Otherwise, had fun catching up and bought green bunny earrings and a purple sneakers! WHOHOOOO

Sunday... Went to school for a final BAOW prep before the actual BAOW tmr! Ran through some cheers, had some green nails painting session and stuff. Hyped up for baow and totally ready to go TECKTONIK LIME GREEN!

So.. thats how i spend my week :D On of the most fruitful ones i guess. And i feel that its the most fruitful holidays i had in poly life that i had spent so far, coz i was involved in more stuff like idare and baow and not simply spending time rotting at home/working. Ready for BAOW, but not school? Still haven start my report... But well, school's kinda starting on thursday for me coz i wanna spend monday to wednesday rocking in BAOW 2011!
idare afterglow@ecp
Tuesday, April 12, 2011 @ 12:37 PM

idare afterglow was held yesterday! The BTs selected from the 5 groups had to plan it and i'm honoured to say that i'm one of them... We met last saturday to racky racky and decided to book bbq pits and have fun in the sun~ Hoho. Was thinking of planning amazing race ans games at first but decided to go free and easy in the end. Have to say that on the actual day, the weather was not as good as we hope it would be, coz it rained D: it was like rain stop rain stop... but still, it was fun! Haha. Its good to get in the rain once in a while even if you are sick~ Hahaha. It was fun beaching while the sun is still up. Frisbee-ing, balling and just walking in the sand. I love the beach!

And ohya! There was this whole lot of ships across the sea from where i stood by the beach ytd! Really like ACROSS. Whole stretch. And they were not moving, at all! Since afternoon 2 plus to morning 2 plus. Still there. And they looked like A) Getting ready for battle, or B) queuing up towards some port they're docking at. But well, not moving at all, i have no idea...

When the rain got lighter, some moved on to start with the bbq, with umbrellas at first. Hahaha. It was fun just hanging around, poking into pits and finding cooked food and stuff. We also had a mini belated birthday celebration for jiahui, the the vegestator! Haha. Somewhere in the night, we left our bbq pits there and played games in the hut. Its called circle of death i think, where the game master opens the poker card at each person's turn and diff cards represents diff stuff, but its all gotta do with who drinking how much. Haha. I think i drank beer, vodka and some others. Some mixed, so still not that bad. Tasted quite nice too. Hahaha. Its fun though, everyone like so high.. Hahaha. but not to the extend of drunk la. Hanged out until around 2am then cabbed home...
Continued Update!
@ 11:49 AM

So... idare was really whohoo! i love love 4 wheel drive man! We also had white water rafting, river crossing, flying fox, caving and stuff. The last night with the talent night was really fun, with our bimbos' performance. Super funny really. MOGUMOGUMOGU! everything posted on facebook, the pictures and videos. After going idare, i feel that i became more immune to insects too. LOL. seriously. i was damn scared of flying insects, especially bees. Now not that much coz there's really a lot of insects at the campsite and they all come in bigger sizes as compared to those in singapore. Its normal to see more then 10 bees flying above you in the common corridor. Hahahah.
The only bad thing that happened during idare was that i kinda sprained my knee during the second day. It went crack crack when i was simply trying to dance and i rotated my knees during a game forfeit. OHYEA, the ice breaking games were funnn too! Hehe. So my knee became weird for the days after that. Always feel weird and i cannot "action too big" Sometimes falla nd move and crack shift again. Its not fully healed right now after 2 weeks coz i have no time to go tui my leg but its already better so nvm. Hahahah.

So, idare was 28th March to 1st April... Came back, rest a few days, go for BAOC preparation and learn some more dances and know the skit better~ And i was off to TRM Cruise from 4th-6th April! It was really quite short though, since we boarded Virgo at night and came back in the afternoon. We had a tour around the cruise on the first night and then it was like.. eat talk lepak. Hahaha! The quad sharing rooms seemed really small at first, since we don't even have enough space to lay down our luggages... but it seemed more of cozy than small to me after a while.. which is good! Spent the first night chatting with sammie they all... Most things happened on the second day, where we had sharing sessions with the different managers and executives of the diff segments of the crew and had a tour in the back of house kitchen and laundry area. That was mayb 2 hrs max and we now have to do a 2-3k report about it =.= We also had a western style dinner where we had to dress up nice nice, so its kinda fun. after that was zihighing around, dancing and enjoying the seabreeze on the deck. Also played games and chatted with the guys and others until 5plus, slept for one hour and went up to the deck againt o see the sunrise. It was cloudy though, so no nice nice sunrise D: Went back to sleep a while after that b4 waking up for breakfast, checking out our rooms and reaching singapore at about 12plus.

Okay, my sentence structure is really bad in my blog posts. But well, its a blog! Wouldn't it be weird if i used those kinda english that i use in essays here? Hmmm...
Anyway, feel bad for not climbing for so long D: I wanted to climb harder and become a better climber over this holidays, but seems like i have not climbed during this hols yet. Well, i injured my right feet first... Then it was my left knee... so... its better to heal them then overwoke them and make things worse i guess? Must heal fast and get back into training coz i know im seriously lagging behind...
Update :D
Saturday, April 9, 2011 @ 10:37 PM

It's been almost a month since i blogged. Well, had stuff to blog about but felt really lazy to do so. This is gonna be an update about what i did for the last few weeks. Mostly on iDARE and TRM CRUISE~

Sometimes i wonder if its possible to connect our brain to the computer. In such a way that the things you're thinking to post can be typed out withut typing. LOL. I'm always having thoughts about what to blog, but always super lazy to do so.

Went to iDare 2011 fro 28th March to 1st April 2011! Its a camp at Pahang, Malaysia. It was definitely better than what i expected, cause i had awesome loads of fun and made a whole lot of nice new friends.

(Okay, i wanted to type a whole lot more stuff, but dozed off. IM REALLY TIRED MAN. I SHALL SLEEP SOON AND BLOG AGAIN TMR MORNING. LONG LONG ONE. gotta on aircon! its really warm D: )
idare briefing + TECKTONIK outing :)
Tuesday, March 15, 2011 @ 11:24 PM

Went to school this morning for a pre idare briefing. I'm in a different group with sammie ): But at least there's someone i know in my group and hope that i'll make more friends and have really awesome fun at the upcoming idare! My group's name is BIMBO. Hahaha. Some other groups are called Bieber, Orh-Jiao etc.. All the epic names :D Gonna be a PINK group. ^.^

Had an outing with some BAOC 2011 Group 4 TECKTONIK outing at Marina Barrage this afternoon! It rained like the previous trip when we planned to go barrage. But at least this time round we sat on the barrage grass for mayb 10mins and took some photos before it drizzled, and we reached the first floor sheltered area before it started pouring... But it was fun still, just sitting around the level one area and playing bonding games, knowing more friends, remembering names and get to know on another. Took nice nice photos with sammie's iphone and black bird fly too~ Cool name for a camera thingy. Black Bird Fly. Hehehe. Went to Just Acia for dinner and ate till super full~

Eyes feeling kinda tired. Should probably sleep soon after using com for a while more :P Start preparation for baoc 2011 tmr! :D
The Weekends
Sunday, March 13, 2011 @ 9:48 PM

Its already the last night of the week! Haha. Didn't use computer today until now~ Power that i can find other stuff to do :D Spent my weekends at my cousin's house. Went to my uncle's workplace on sat evening to play sports. i mean seriously. hahaha. At one of halls in an army camp. My cousins played table tennis, badminton, volleyball... I played badminton even though im baika :D Quite dun coz its been quite a while since i last played badminton! Haha. It was cool visiting my uncle's office too... He's the in charge of that camp. Hohoho. Had steamboat for dinner after that (:

Sunday morning, went to Kallang Leisure Park for breakfast and my cousins went to ice skate~ I wanted to skate too! But my feet :/ So i spent the 2 hours reading twilight. I know im really slow but i have not read or watched an movie of it until today when i started reading the series... Wanted to spend that 2 hours watching I am Number Four with another cousin but movie timing didn't match :( But it was a nice time reading too~

Spent the afternoon after that watching high school musical one, again. Don't know why but my sis kinda like it and always wanna watch it -.- I watched and read at the same time anyway (: Then they swam, which i also couldn't. LOL. But glad that my feet's getting better le, although its still quite swollen.

Kinda getting back to watching Bleach right now too! Nice part fighting Aizen. Wonder if ichigo will hollow-fy again. Hahahaha. We shall see...
My New Wallpaper
Saturday, March 12, 2011 @ 12:33 AM

Tadang, my new wallpaper. Hahaha. i like doing wallpapers like this, having a collage of photos of nice photos taken with your family and friends. Can see the photos every time i use the computer...Its nice to update and come up with new ones once in a while too, so this is the latest (:

On a side note, my foot seems to be getting worse. Some wounds get better each day right? I think mine is the bell shape kind. Get worse first, than get better. LOL. Didn't feel that much pain or whatsoever on the first day and still jump and run around after injury. (maybe i shouldn't have did that). Now, its kinda swollen, pain to numb numb state and i can't really walk normally. Spam the medicated oil and hope that it heals soon! Must heal asap...
idare preglow@Sentosa
Thursday, March 10, 2011 @ 10:39 PM

As the title suggests, I went to Sentosa today! The last time I went Sentosa beach was like last year June? Hahaha. Only around 20plus people turned up, which is half of the idare group this time round. It was a fun get together to know more friends and people before the actual camp to Malaysia. Played some games and made some more friends! Played games like throwing waterbombs at targeted opponents, captains ball with cabbage then raw chicken, beach hunt and more. I think the chicken damn poor thing. Die le still have to thrown here and there by us until its really falling to pieces. “RIP”.

It was quite fun actually. Thought that I will get chaoda and have teeshirt ugly tann line but no scorching sun today, even drizzled, but after most outdoor stuff, so it’s alright (: Went vivo for dinner after that. It’s a great idea to buy dinner from anywhere you want and gather near the stage area at the open space at third floor. So it’s like you can eat, chat and know more about each other. Hehe.

The only bad thing that happened to me is that I got a hmmm, cut/Abrasion/scratch? Okay, a wound. LOL. Had this station where we have to spin 20 rounds den run and eat flour to find mentos and stuff. But apparently I spun too fast on the rough surface of the pavilion barefoot, almost sprain my ankle and ended with with some skin off and blood D: but heng not that pain. Haha. Just plaster it and carry on playing! Hahahahaha. But with water and medicated oil which my dad just spammed is quite pain ar… Like that don’t think can climb tmr. Can’t even wear the climbing shoe kay, at most go belay. Shall see how tomorrow…Sleeping soon ba, feel sleepyyyy~
Chris Medina - What Are Words
Wednesday, March 9, 2011 @ 10:43 PM

Awesome song with very meaningful lyrics. Listen if you have not! Bet you did though (:
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 @ 9:57 AM

Okay, this is a very delayed post. Haha. Should have posted right after exams last thursday! But i was lazy~~ so...this might be a long post~

Went to bugis, TopOne, for KARAOKE session right after the last paper! Hahaha. Together with Sammie, Sherly, Yong Han, Richard and Leon~ We sang from 12plus to around 6 (: It was like the karoke since the end of last sem when some of us plus others went to k! That ws the best karaoke experience man, coz we all sang for 7 hrs straight and the room was high all the way, singing to every song and dancing around and all. hahaha. after that we talked about going again, but always couldn't find the time.. so after one sem passed, we went again ;) It wasn't as high like siao this time round, but still quite fun! Haha. trying to belt those songs like when you believe is fun! Lol. we sing so many diff songs. chinese, english, pop, ballad, emo~~ But really, singing just randomly to yourself and into the microphone seems so diff, like you'll have to put in more affort into producing a fuller voice on the mic? and you'll sound diff :/ I have to say i prefer my singing voice off the mic. Haha.

Went all the way to kallang for an IT show interview for PROLiNK on friday morning with Sammie, Fontaine, Cheng cheng and Shuyi. Almost got lost and i thought i brought them to some old abandoned building. LOL. They were many ppl there interviewing though D: And we didn't get in coz they say they'll call us by afternoon if we did but apparently none of us received the call...Need to find an event job for next sem's events related module and do work report again...

Anyway, went to 313@Somerset and Far East after that with Sammie and Shuyi :D Bought many things i like and want! Hahaha. Flats from Vana, jean shorts from Forever21, dress from Hula&Co and present for my friend (: Its like, i always wanna buy stuff, brought the money to buy them but just couldn't find "the one" after browsing so many shops again and again. LOL. But glad i did this time round. And i like the feeling of carrying many shopping bags of yours! Hahaha. nicetime i earn enough can always shop shop many many! Whohoo~

So, weekends. Saturday, go grandma house slack and hang around with cousins as usual~ Played volleyball at night and went for a jog with yonghan too. Sunday, went to 313@somerset to exchange my dress coz among everything i bought, i forgot to check that and i had huge marker marks=.= Went to jurong point after that to buy my other friend's present. Walked around jp quite a few times man. And i've gotta say that its really tiring to shop alone. Shopping was seldom tiring to me. But i guess being alone, you'll have to one to talk to or share ideas with.. so its really tiring! ):

Monday, ytd, went climbing at Climb Asia! Hehe. Haven't been climbing since b4 exams :/ Must climb more coz competition's nearing! Boulderactive. I think i really need to improve on climbing and gain more confidence. I mean, high wall is still okay, but bouldering is really hard sometimes, depending on the types of routes you're climbing. The seniors always make it seems so easy. Hahaha. but i always get stuck when i climb, somehow. Too weak =.= So its quite sad that i always have routes that i can't complete, or can't even start properly. Guess im like the weakest in the group. And i have the CCA Jacket! wth. Must jiayou ar! Hahahah. Believe that i can and i will get better :D

And for rest of the time, i spend my time using the computer like siao! Hahahah. Movies and Dramas <3 Watched Tangled, August Rush, What Happens in Vegas, finished My Princess and currently watching Dream High (:
everything's gonna be alright~
Thursday, February 24, 2011 @ 12:37 AM

Just a quick post to update update ^.^
Currently working on my last maec chapter notes. Gonna be a wordy one coz im practically copying almost everything since its all important. But i like my notes! Haha. I'm proud of the sem's series of notes. Hahaha. Still have not really touched 2 out of the 5 modules, which are BMGT and FAB D:

Planned to finish maec and some bmgt today at least, but plans were ruined coz i wasn't feeling that well in the afternoon. Was doing my notes halfway when i had this feeling, a terrible one, like im having carsick, slightly giddy and feel like vomiting but nothing comes out. And i wasn't even on a car. LOL. I HATE HATE carsicks. Had more of them when i was younger and always had them when coming down genting. Trauma sia. Anyway, spammed deep breathes and feng you and tried to rest and heal. LOL. but its like on and off, but glad that its kinda gone now!Ate some medicine too... Please don't visit again yea! Ling suggested that its because i used too much computer. Agreed though. that's what happened to one of my cousin once. And i have practically using computer from i wake up to b4 i sleep these few days since im copying notes from the slides on the com. Plus i slept 5am ytd, so quite long period of using com ):

Just hope that everything's gonna be alright~ This phrase suddenly stuck in my mind. No one by Alicia Keys, have this phrase where it goes "everything's gonna be alright~" Hahhaha. i wan that to happen :) seems like i have so much more to go, but panicing and freaking out nots gonna help, isn't it? So i try my best to not think too far and continue doing what i can things better turn out fine!

Can't wait til finals are over, seriously! Gonna spam more korean dramas and stuff and gonna go karaoke right after the last paper! Woots~

Ohya, i started using twitter recently! Hahaha. Tweet tweet~
Sunday, February 20, 2011 @ 8:39 PM


While studying for the upcoming finals, which is in... wow, 5 freaking days, i zoned off to stoning mode again and suddenly felt like posting something. lol. Anyway, thought of sharing this video as it is really touching and inspiring. My lms tutor showed it to our class during out last lesson and i almost couldn't hold back my tears...

Nevertheless, no matter now videos can be inspiring, its really hard to study when your brain cells aren't really absorbing the information. My results for this sem has been rather good to me, for me, so far.. I have this feeling that this scary finals' gonna pull my grades down, but i just wanna keep telling myself that things will be alright and i will be able to digest the information and score well for the finals. I still have not touched 3 out of 5 modules though...Shall start revising the scary maec after this. I wasn't that scary during lectures since i took down all the notes and everything, but i have to admit that i did not do every single tutorial and that i am not very good in things related to math :(

Also, my indecisiveness really sucks still, even on things like if i should do notes for this this module and stuff. To make things worse, my body is not in very good condition as sore throat and cough seems to visiting. Its all slightly these few days, but hope that with the medication, it will all be gone by tmr.. Have no idea why, but right now, my whole family is sick D: Hope everyone gets well soon man!

Gonna get back to study mode! And go through the notes i have once again first. Gonna use the chant to myself method again. Okay, talk to myself. Lol. I can't possibly chant in mono tone to myself ar. And im auditory, so sometimes reading it our helps more :D So during exam period, i'll look like a retard in the bus whispering to myself. LOL. true though :D Hahaha. but i've still not figured out the style of studying that suits me best.. No matter what, lets all jiayou and hope that things will turn out fine! (: